YEHKRI.COM A.C.C. "Member Shop"

This new "Member Shop" is for the Members of the Association YEHKRI.COM A.C.C.

We're offering this service to our Members to promote and sell their Artworks, Books and other Products.

You have to register to be able to shop. As a member you will receive discounts and different type of bonus and offers.

All gains from the sells will help the none-profit organization to develop further projects, Expos and naturally as well to support directly the artists. We thank you for all you support and generosity!

All sales are dealt with our Partner "PayPal" to assure a secure transaction.

The "Member Shop" website is hosted with SSL to assure your privacy and security.

For any further information, please visit the main page YEHKRI.COM A.C.C.

As YEHKRI.COM A.C.C. is an "Association loi 1901", we do not collect any VAT as we are exempt from the VAT.

Furthermore, any Money-Donations that you are giving are deductible from your yearly tax-declaration