WELCOME to YEHKRI.COM A.C.C. 3D, a Virtual Reality (VR) World.

To enter YEHKRI.COM A.C.C. 3D and experience the 3d world, view videos and learn about the various objects in the world, you will first need to download a 3d viewer. This world makes use of the Viscape viewer which is approximately 4MB in size. Click here to download the Viscape viewer. Once you have downloaded the viewer, you can then enter YEHKRI.COM A.C.C. 3D.

Remember: To enter YEHKRI.COM A.C.C. 3D you must already have downloaded the Viscape 3d viewer, and be using Internet Explorer 5+

Please, if you are using IE9 click on the compatibility button in IE :

Do not worry about the 2 followingwarnings